Adidas Exhibit Select: Dedicated Women’s Basketball Shoes

In acknowledgment of the immense talent and passion of female athletes, Adidas has introduced Exhibit Select, a cutting-edge performance basketball sneaker meticulously designed specifically for women.

Set to hit retailers this summer, this revolutionary silhouette promises to revolutionize the game for female basketball players at all levels.


Designed by Women, for Women

Exhibit Select is the result of an extraordinary collaboration between Adidas and elite female athletes, as well as everyday women.

Adidas prioritized the importance of gathering insights and data from these inspirational individuals, ensuring that every aspect of the shoe resonates with the unique needs and preferences of female athletes.

This thoughtful approach sets Exhibit Select apart from its competitors, demonstrating Adidas’ unwavering commitment to women in basketball.

Womens playing basketball wearing Adidas Exhibit Select

Engineered for Optimal Performance

One of the standout features of Exhibit Select is its soft neoprene bootie upper, engineered explicitly for the female foot.

This innovative design not only delivers an exceptional fit but also enhances comfort and support during gameplay.

The shoe’s mid-panel incorporates an exposed window, adding a touch of visual appeal while promoting breathability and ventilation.

Unparalleled Cushioning and Stability

Adidas has gone above and beyond to ensure that Exhibit Select offers unparalleled cushioning and stability on the court.

Equipped with a full-length Bounce cushioning system, the midsole of this remarkable sneaker provides optimal responsiveness, enabling athletes to achieve their peak performance with every stride.

Furthermore, the low-to-the-ground construction enhances precision and stability, empowering players to make lightning-fast moves and dominate the game.

Adidas Exhibit Select color white

Availability and Exciting Debut

Basketball enthusiasts around the globe can look forward to August 1, when the Adidas Exhibit Select will be available for purchase on and select retailers.

With a price range of $110 to $140, this exceptional sneaker promises to be an incredible investment for female basketball players seeking to elevate their game.

Additionally, the WNBA All-Star Weekend on July 15 will witness the unveiling of Candace Parker’s “Game Royalty” PE of the Exhibit Select, further solidifying its position as a game-changer in women’s basketball footwear.

Empowering Women in Basketball

Eric Wise, the global general manager of Adidas Basketball, highlights the brand’s commitment to empowering women in basketball through Exhibit Select.

This game-changing sneaker embodies Adidas’ dedication to delivering the best performance footwear for female athletes, catering to their unique needs and preferences.

The Exhibit Select isn’t just a shoe; it’s a testament to the power and potential of women in the basketball world.